Our Team

Our Team


We are local, passionate electricians that each specialise in different electrical services.

marcus mcmillan murray river electrical

Marcus McMillan

Company Director

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Matt Grinter Murray River Electrical


Company Director

Passionate Electrician who will drop everything when his clients need him. Matthew was Marcus' first employee in 2013 when he started his electrical business. In 2019 Matt partnered with Marcus as co owners of the company and together they have continued to grow expanding their team and services.

Harry Wheeler MRE

Harry Wheeler

Solar Expert & Electrical Supervisor

Harry is our resident Solar Expert however this is just one of many areas of electrical Harry Exceeds at. As one of our electrical supervisors there is no job Harry can't tackle. He's work on silo's and large farming developments is second to none. You will also see Harry problem solving issues at many local caravan parks and hotels .

Tyler lovell

Tyler Lovell

Commercial Electrical Expert

Tyler joined MRE in late 2022 to help them team tackle a number of large commercial projects. Tyler's leadership and knowledge allows him to seamlessly run our team of commercial electricians. From large commercial buildings to large subdivisions Tylers knowledge with exceed most clients expectations.

murrary river electrical team yarrawonga

Jake Rhodes

Electrical Supervisor

Jake has been a integral part of the MRE team for almost 10 years .There is nothing Jake can't throw his hands too. From domestic to subdivisions and any commercial or framing projects. Jake's knowledge continues to grow and we are very lucky to have it on our team and leading our apprentices

murray river commercial electricians yarrawonga

Jess Koopman

Electrical Supervisor

Jess leads up our domestic and transportable team. His knowledge and easy going personality allows him to work closely with building supervisors and clients to ensure dream homes are being created with real electrical wow factor. Jess knowledge of electrical services is passed on through. the many apprentICES he has taught throughout his lo work working history with MRE .